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Before Sunrise, Before Sunset

Tau apa hal yang saya sukai dari bepergian? Pada satu tempat dan satu waktu, kita bisa saja bertemu dengan sebuah kesempatan yang akan mengubah seluruh sisa hidup kita setelahnya. Dan kesempatan itu akan terasa semakin berharga karena kitalah yang menemukannya, kita keluar dari cangkang kita dan bepergian untuk mencari kesempatan itu. Bukan hanya berdiam diri di suatu tempat menunggu kesempatan itu datang menghampiri.

Well, Before Sunrise made that chance such a beautiful thing that we had to catch it no matter what. Begin with a little conversation between Jesse and Celine on the train, they decided to take that chance. Spending a whole day in Vienna together before Jesse going back to America and Celine go back to Paris on the next day.

What I loved the most about the movie is, they talked to each other. Had a great conversation in the whole movie without getting bored! Pada dasarnya saya memang menyukai film-film yang mengandalkan kekuatan dialog dan kebanyakan film seperti itu pun tidak memerlukan banyak aktor atau aktris di dalamnya. Before Sunrise hanya butuh Ethan Hawke dan Julie Delpy dan ahya... dua orang pemeran figuran, yang satunya seorang wanita tua pembaca garis tangan juga seorang apa ya... hmm...penulis puisi? Dia dibayar untuk setiap puisi yang dia buat.

Jesse : I want to keep talking to you, you know? I have no idea what your situation is, but, uh, but I feel like we have some kind of a connection, right?
Celine : Yeah, me, too.
Jesse : Yeah, right. Well, great. So listen, here's the deal. This is what we should do. You should get off the train with me here in Vienna and come check out the town.
Celine : What?
Jesse : Come on. It'll be fun.
Celine : What would we do?
Jesse : I don't know. All I know is I have to catch an austrian airlines flight tomorrow morning at 9:30. And I don't really have enough money for a hotel, so I was just gonna walk around, and it'd be a lot more fun if you came with me. And if I turn out to be some kind of psycho, you just get on the next train.

So, the story begins...

Tidak banyak sebenarnya hal yang bisa saya ceritakan tentang film ini selain pemandangan indah Vienna dan dialog-dialog keren yang diucapkan sepanjang film. Bisa dibilang, plot dari film ini adalah dialog-dialog itu sendiri. You know, just like if someone asked you to tell him about the movie and the only answer you can give to him was, the movie is about two people talking to each other. Just it. So I will only write this memorable movie’s quotes.

My grandmother, she was married to this man, and I always thought she had a very simple, uncomplicated love life. But she just confessed to me that she spent her whole life dreaming about another man she was always in love with. She just accepted her fate. It's so sad. And in the same time, I love the idea that she had all those emotions and feelings I never thought she would have had.

I guarantee you it was better that way If she had ever got to know him. He would've disappointed her eventually. It's just people have these romantic projections they put on everything, that's not based on any kind of reality. -Jesse-

So, I would like to make a deal with you. I mean, instead of just asking you for money, I will ask you for a word. You give me a word ,I take the word, and then I will write a poem with the word inside. And if you like it-- I mean, if you like my poem, If you feel it adds something to your life in any way, then you can pay me whatever you feel like. -Poem Writer-

People always exchange phone numbers, addresses. They end up writing once, calling each other
once or twice. I don't want that. I hate that. -Celine-

Listen, if somebody gave me the choice right now to never see you again or to marry you... I would marry you. Maybe that's a lot of romantic bullshit, but people have gotten married for a lot less.

Let me take your picture so I never forget you. –Jesse-

Celine : And we're not gonna call, write, or--
Jesse : No. It's depressing.

Jesse : Say good-Bye.
Celine : Bye.
Jesse : Good-Bye.
Celine : Au revoir.
Jesse : Later.

Kemudian mereka berpisah hingga bertemu 9 tahun kemudian di film Before Sunset. Karena film Before Sunset lebih banyak lagi quote-quote kerennya, jadi saya akan menuliskannya di postingan tersendiri. Well, I won't say ‘you have to watch this movie’ or ‘It’s a great movie’ or any other cliche words, but if you believe you can get any chance to meet the right one even in a train on your way home, you should watch Before Sunrise. And don’t forget the ‘Hawke’s factor’ :D


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