Dear Qalb

Dear Qalb,
How's your faith today?
Do you feel pain? Are you disappointed?
Please don't :)

You are in the hand of Allah. It's so easy for Allah to flip over you.
So, please don't complain with Allah's will. We don't have any option except to be patient in Allah's decision.
We don't have any option except to obey with Allah's provision.
Because we only have Allah :)
And Allah is always more than enough.
If we are alone but we had Allah, it feels like we had the whole world.
But if we didn't have Allah,
Who will we ask and we hope for?
Allah is always more than enough.
It's nice to accept our destiny. There's nothing wrong if we accept whatever Allah gives to us sincerely.
Stop feeling pain and let's begin to fix it together.
Don't be afraid Qalb, you're not alone. When you sad, I feel sad too. When you get hurt, so do I. When you happy, I feel happy too.
Dear Qalb, would you promise me to always have a smile? So I can smile like you :)
And would you promise me to let everything goes away and forgiving?

Qalb, never ever stop loving Allah so we will be loved by another people.

Dear Qalb, if I can, I will hug you and being your shoulder to cry on. I would do everything to heal your pain. But I know, the only thing I can do for you is praying. Asking Allah to erase your sadness.
Forgive me Qalb. Don't be sad anymore :)
Your indulgent will make you more beautifull than before.

2.13 PM
Between the rain and the sun.


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